From antiques roots, a new reality.

Cantine Scudero


The white wines of Cantine Scudero arise form 390 above sea level, on the east side of Mount Etna. The area characterized by temperature changes and by short-term rainfall, which make the activity of the vineyard really thriving.

Ancient soil dominated by a substrate of volcanic origin, generated by the disintegration of the mother rock of very ancient origins. They have a silty composition, and thanks to these soils, the vines can grove by sinking those roots down to deep layers, which give the possibility to face even long periods of drought without compromising the vigour of the plants.

This type of soil gives, the wines, classic volcanic hints of minerality and flavour, together with the body and persistence.

Aliade, Cantata and Sedicidieci, they are unique wines, the result of the extraordinary mix of the natural elements of the land at the foot of Mount Etna.

Strong personality, different shades.


Sedicidieci is born from the union of Catarratto and Sauvignon grapes, an expression of the influence of the sea and the minerality of the soil. This wine, with a bright straw yellow colour with floral notes and white pulp fruit, it is characterized by freshness and sapidity that make it pleasant as an aperitif.
Served cold, with sushi and raw fish dishes, it releases a pleasant persistence. With more flavoursome fish dishes, we recommend emphasizing the alcohol content by serving it at a higher temperature.


Cantata is born only from Sauvignon grapes, a wine with a strong personality with a straw yellow colour. White berry fruit with tropical sensations, the herbaceous notes declare the backbone young and of good structure.

The sea breezes give it a strong flavour and an intriguing aromatic freshness. It goes well with aperitifs, fresh cheeses and first courses, even cold ones, seasoned with aromatic herbs.


AliAde is born only from Catarratto grapes, an expression of the bond with a unique and uncontaminated territory. The intense straw yellow colour highlights personality and origin.

The note of yellow peach and the scent of flowers accentuate the intensity of the taste and olfactory sensations, making it ideal for appetizing first courses with seafood or second courses based on fish.